Wild Oasis mountain spring water


Treat yourself to an abundant supply of HEALTHY, AFFORDABLE and DELICIOUS natural spring water every day.

At Wild Oasis we care about the planet and we care about your health.


  • Wild Oasis water is freshly harvested from a sealed aquifer deep beneath the earth in the ancient and pristine sub-tropical hinterland of northern N.S.W.  and delivered directly from the source to you.
  • We deliver to your door (home or office) into quality Australian made 200 litre containers.  There is no Heavy Lifting and delivery easy!
  • Or collect your 11 and 15 litre refillable bottles (Australian made BPA free) at Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market every Sunday morning.
  • Feel good knowing you are not contributing to the huge problem of plastic bottle waste. It’s a win-win situation, Healthy you & Healthy planet.
  • Enjoy the quality and guarantee of the finest spring water without the expense and uncertainty of home filtration systems
  • With the peace of mind knowing that the water is fresh and pure without the added chemicals present in tap water. Wild Oasis Water is not chemically treated and never stored in a warehouse.
  • Straight from Mother Nature, clean and sweet-tasting water ready to nourish and hydrate your body.
  • Come and see us at the Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market & Byron Bay Farmers Market and taste the difference.

Wild Oasis mountain spring water

Home/Office/Factory 200 Litre Tanks

Acquire one of our quality Australian made 200 litre tanks with a stylish hand-made timber stand. Our tanks are made of the same material as large rain water tanks. For your peace of mind all tanks have a lockable secure lid which is fully removable for easy maintenance and come with an optional child proof tap.

We recommend you keep your tank in a cool shady place away from direct sunlight.
We will fill your tank with pure, fresh, local spring water that was drawn from the earth just hours earlier.
When your tank is nearly empty give us a call or email for a refill. Easy!





Or simply drop us an email at wildoasiswater@gmail.com


Wild Oasis mountain spring water


  • Delivery Deal
  • $49800
  • Includes $400 security deposit for Tank and Stand
  • Includes 200 Litres Natural Spring Water
  • Includes Delivery




Wild Oasis mountain spring water



Available at Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market every Sunday 6am to 11:30am

& Byron Bay Farmers Market every Thursday 7am to 11am




11 litre container filled with Wild Oasis Water – $25

11 litre refill – $8


15 litre blue bottle with tap, filled with Wild Oasis Water – $35

15 litre refill – $10



Wild Oasis Mountain Spring Water – Typical Analysis

water analysis





“Water is the origin of life , mother of all liquids and is the optimum solution to transport substances around our bodies” – Professor A. Pkdaman MD Germany
“Water is one of the most powerful means affecting the human system in either health or disease. (Jethro Kloss) Drinking pure water helps you maintain a healthy body weight, improve circulation, reduce muscle and joint inflammation and allows your body to detoxify naturally.” – DR Mercola . com
“Drinking quality water allows our body’s to properly digest food and absorb nutrients.” – DR Mercola . com
“Water is the primary mode of transportation for all nutrients in the body and is essential for proper circulation” – allaboutwater.org
“Water leads to greater overall health by flushing out wastes and bacteria that can cause disease.” – allaboutwater.org
“Clean healthy drinking water is essential to a child’s mental and physical development.” – allaboutwater.org



“Every year more than 6 million tons of rubbish is dumped into the world’s oceans. 80% of this waste is plastic and an estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile of ocean” – cleanup.org.au
“Australia’s annual use of bottled water generates more than 60,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions- the same amount that 13,000 cars generate over the course of a year.” – gotap.com.au
“97% of the earth’s water is saltwater in oceans and seas. Of the 3% that is freshwater, only 1% is available for drinking – the remaining 2% is frozen in the polar ice caps”





Wild Oasis mountain spring water


Or simply drop us an email and we will be sure to get back to you right away!



Phone us anytime for all your questions and delivery requests!

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You can contact Wild Oasis Water online at wildoasiswater@gmail.com

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Visit Wild Oasis Water at:

Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market.
Every Sunday 6:30am to 11:30am.
NEW location Mermaid waters!

Byron Bay Farmers Market
Every Thursday 7am to 11am.


No Heavy Lifting! Delivered straight to your door. We make easy for you to access the purity of nature!